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Postdoctoral Recruitment of Shenzhen Institute of Computing Science

Release time:2022-01-19

Introduction to Shenzhen Institute of Computing Science

Shenzhen Institute of Computing Sciences (SICS) is one of top ten Fundamental Research Institutes in Shenzhen, funded by the municipal government of Shenzhen in November 2018.

The institute is committed to advancing fundamental research in China, developing core computing systems,and taking global lead in research areas in connection with big data analytics.

It currently hosts three (foreign) Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences, a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS),and dozens of world-class engineers and researchers from China, Europe and US.

Research Direction

including but not limited to:

  • Big data analysis within limited resources

  • Interpretability of artificial intelligence under methods of combining statistical and logical

  • Complexity in parallel computing

  • Parallel computational model

  • Incremental computation theory

  • Approximate computation theory and system

  • Data-based pricing, sharing and trading, data quality

  • Distributed graph computing system 

  • SQL-over-NoSQL 

  • Precision marketing based on social networks

  • Anti-financial fraud

  • Machine learning

Postdoctoral Recruitment


(1) Applicants should have good professionalism and research qualities, excellent in character and learning. Applicants must observe law and discipline, and without record of bad behavior. Applicants should be in good health.

(2) Doctoral students who have obtained or are about to obtain a doctoral degree must be under the age of 35 and comply with the relevant regulations of the national postdoctoral management policy.

Salary and Benefits

(1) Salary: The comprehensive annual income of post-doctoral fellows is no less than 500,000 RMB before tax (including the living allowance for post-doctoral fellows in Shenzhen city and Longhua district), with a high proportion of paying five social insurances and one housing fund.

(2) Housing benefits: we assist postdoctoral fellows in applying for housing for talents referring to the talent settlement policies in Shenzhen city and Longhua district. the Shenzhen Municipal Government will separately provide a living subsidy for doctors under the age of 35 who work full-time with a Shenzhen household registration.

(3) Household registration transfer and children’s enrollment: Postdoctoral personnel can choose to settle in Shenzhen voluntarily when entering the station. Their spouses and minor children can apply for household registration transfer. The enrollment of their children shall be implemented in accordance with Shenzhen’s relevant regulations.

(4) Government subsidies

a. Qualified postdoctoral fellows can enjoy a living allowance of 180,000 RMB per person per year, with the total amount for two years should not more than 360,000 RMB. The living allowance of Longhua district is 100,000 RMB per person per year, with the total amount for two years should not more than 200,000 RMB.

b. Qualified applicants can apply for the national “Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program” (630,000 RMB for two years), “The Postdoctoral International Exchange Program” (400,000 RMB for two years), and special funding from the Chinese Postdoctoral Science Fund (180,000 RMB).

(5) Other benefits: team building activities, holiday benefits, birthday benefits, weekly sports, weekly afternoon tea, annual physical examinations, book corners, skills training subsidies, cultural and sports activities and a variety of union benefits.

Note: The above policies are subject to the latest policies announced by the municipal and district governments and actual implementation conditions. We will assist qualified talents to apply for relevant welfare subsidies.

How to apply

Applicants must send a complete application package to us at, including:

1. Resume showing basic personal information, scientific research during PhD's study, projects participated or presided over, representative scientific research results, etc..

2. Research proposal. No specific format is required, but it should include the research purpose and significance, research method and content framework, innovation, etc..

And with the following format:

Email Subject: postdoctoral recruitment + name + university and major + research direction

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