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BEAS: From online Analytics To Just in Time Analytics

BEAS is a next-generation big data system capable of analyzing all your massive data Just in Time and with immediate answer. It can process those big queries by accessing only small size data with correct answers after bounded evaluation. The compact computing mode yields orders of magnitude times improvement faster than the others. With its innovative architecture, BEAS also brings key features making big data simpler, more flexible and much cheaper to acquire and operate, such as Out of The box, familiar use experience and compatibility with enterprise investment,etc. It could also be the first choice for those companies with needs to analyze over multi-site heterogeneous data across many isolated departments.

RML: Logic Rules and Machine Learning System

The project aims at building a cloud platform with high data availability. Under the guidance of the self-developed data quality theory, through the combination of rules and artificial intelligence under a unified logic framework, the PoD team is developing a one-stop solution for data and knowledge collection, quality assessment, data analysis, data error checking, entity recognition, data restoration and data fusion to improve the consistency, timeliness, accuracy, completeness, and entity identity of both centralized and distributed data, as well as structured (relational), semi-structured ( XML ) and unstructured (graphic) data.