Research Scientist


Dr. Jianbin Qin is currently an Associate Professor at Shenzhen University, he is also a Research Scientist at the Shenzhen Institute of Computing Sciences. He worked as a research fellow in the Database Group at LFCS, School of Informatics, the University of Edinburgh, where he works with Prof. Wenfei Fan. He received his Ph.D. from University of New South Wales, under the guidance of Prof. Wei Wang.

Research Interests

  • Similarity Query Processing
  • Query Autocompletion.
  • Database system.
  • Database + AI.


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  • 2016 DASFAA Best Student Paper Award.
  • 2012 UNSW Faculty Early Career Research Grant Award.
  • 2012 CiSRA Best Research Paper Award.
  • 2008 Baidu Best Employee Award.
  • 2005 ACM/ICPC Asia Regional (Bronze Medal).
  • 2004 Undergraduate Excellence Award, Northeast University, China.
  • 2003 Undergraduate Excellence Award, Northeast University, China.

Current Project

RML (Logic Rules and Machine Learning) is a system that mainly builds a high data availability cloud platform. Under the guidance of the self-developed data quality foundational theory, RML uses the combination of rules and AI under a unified logic framework to solve data consistency, timeliness, and the same problem of accuracy, completeness, and substance. The system is oriented to centralized/distributed data, relational/graph data to create a one-stop solution for data and knowledge collection, quality evaluation, data analysis, data error checking, entity recognition, data repair, and data fusion. RML takes advantage of China’s data scale to form a positive cycle of two-way interaction between data and the platform and accelerate the high-quality conversion of data to digital intelligence. It promotes the high-quality application of data production factors in various industries, consolidates the digital economy’s infrastructure, and leads the development of global data availability.