Fundamental Research Center

The Fundamental Research Center is dedicated to theoretical research in fields including big data analytics under constrained resources, parallel complexity, parallel computation models, incremental computation theory, approximate computation theory and systems, explainable AI by combining statistical and logical methods, data pricing, sharing and marketing, data quality, distributed graph systems, social media marketing, fraud detection and SQL-over-NoSQL systems. The research scientists are encouraged to tackle fundamental problems and publish papers with true research values. They touch base with industry and see an immediate uptake of their ideas in industrial-scale systems.

CoD (Conquest of Data) Research Center

CoD Research Center is led by a number of proficient engineers with hands-on experience on building up several commercial database management systems from scratch. Their real-time database system, relational database system and distributed database systems have been widely deployed in a stack of industrial solutions such as 5G, IoT, and billing with particularly high reputation. Those products have been now serving billions of users worldwide stablely for several years. For now, the CoD team is engineering a next-generation big data system capable of analyzing all your massive data Just in Time and with immediate answer. All those innovations are derived from our self-developed disruptive big data computing theory with bounded resource.

PoD (Perception of Data) Research Center

The PoD Research Center brings together a dozen of technical experts who have extensive experience in the fields of big data and database systems. They have led the creation of the industry’s leading products, which serves the fields of telecommunication, finance and security. This team is currently focusing on improving data perception, data awareness and data quality using big data and AI related technologies. Based on the self-developed foundational theory of data quality, the above technologies are used to develop a cloud platform with high data availability.

IoD (Intelligence of Data) Research Center

The IoD team focuses on mining the association relationship of big data. Based on the distributed graph computing engine and the rule system which integrates graph patterns and the semantics of them, and using an embedded machine learning model, the team can make deep mining of the latent and abnormal relations in data. The model gets the state of the art performance in the industry of targeted marketing, risk control, improvement of data quality, etc. IoD’s core team members are experts with more than ten years of professional experience from world-leading companies in communications, finance, and data analysis.