Zhibiao Chen

Chief Technology Officer, CoD

Zhibiao Chen is internationally recognized in industry for his innovations in database management system and is highly regarded for his achievements as a team leader. Before joining Shenzhen institute of Computer Sciences, Chen has led the research and development of many world-class leading domestic database products such as SQL/NoSQL/NewSQL. These products have been widely delivered to the telecommunications sector worldwide. As an expert with 14 years of database kernel research and development experience and more than ten database kernel patents, Chen’s main research area is new database management systems. Now he is leading one of our engineering teams to develop a new database system based on bounded evaluation.

Bo Xu

Chief Technology Officer, PoD

Before joining Shenzhen institute of Computer Sciences, Bo Xu has more than 15 years of experience in the field of data processing. He used to be a big data platform architect, SQL expert, database service expert in other company. Regarding data processing, Xu has always had his own unique insights. He has led the development and research of key technologies for big data products, database products, and risk control products. The products are shipped worldwide and are widely used in telecommunications, banks, and public security.