Current Opportunities: Research Fellow/ Research Scientist/ Senior Research Scientist

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Shenzhen Institute of Computing Sciences (SICS) is a newly established Fundamental Research Institute in Shenzhen. The institute is committed to advancing theoretical research in China, developing core computing systems, and taking global lead in research areas in connection with big data analytics. It currently hosts three (foreign) Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences, a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), a group of outstanding researchers from China, Europe, Australia and US, and three teams of top-tier engineers. In the past two years, the institute has produced 43 papers in major database venues such as SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE, TODS, VLDBJ and TKDE.

SICS invites outstanding and motivated researchers to join forces with it, to make a history of fundamental research in China!

SICS focuses on
SICS current research covers a wide range of areas including, but not only, the following topics:
– Big data analytics under constrained resources
– Explainable AI by combining statistical and logical methods
– Parallel complexity and computation models
– Incremental computation theory
– Approximation theory and practice
– Querying and linking heterogeneous data
– Data pricing, sharing and marketing
– Data quality
– Distributed systems
– SQL-over-NoSQL systems
– Social media marketing
– Fraud detection

Positions and requirements
– Research Fellow
– Research Scientist
– Senior Research Scientist

While the positions are primarily open to data management researchers with a promising publication record, all applicants who have, or expect to have, a PhD. in computer science will be considered. Skills in database systems, logic, complexity, approximation theory, parallel computation, incremental computation, data quality, distributed systems, machine learning, and systems building experience are particularly valuable.

SICS offers the following unique opportunities to its researchers.
– To work along with world-leading researchers, who are committed to recommending bright young researchers to top universities in China and abroad, at the levels of Associate Professor and Full Professor.
– To build your own startup with top tire engineers. SICS is committed to supporting and funding commercialization of research outcomes with a high potential practical impact.
– To affiliate with a variety of reputed universities in China. SICS researchers can teach and supervise postgraduate students at the universities, either as faculty or adjunct.
– To collaborate with industry in China. SICS has forged collaborations with several world-class companies in China.
– To work and live in the most “livable” city in China. SICS is based in Shenzhen, a modern and attractive city next to Hong Kong. It is the fastest developing city of great expectations.
– To work in a friendly and pleasant environment. SICS is committed to providing its researchers with culture and workplace to focus on research and research alone, free of office politics and funding pressure.
– Salary is competitive to industry. SICS offers a package of salary, compensation, reward, bonus and housing benefits comparable to (and better than to some extent) what you can get from industry.

Contact information
Potential applicants are invited to send your CV and statement of research interests to contact person.
Attendant: Mr. Bu
Tel: +8615889626417
Address:Hongshan 6979 Building No.26, Minbao Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Zip code: 518109