DDSL: Efficient Subgraph Listing on Distributed and Dynamic Graphs

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Authors: XunJian, YueWang, XiayuLei, YanyanShen, LeiChen

Name of Conference: International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications(DASFAA 2020),May 21-24,Seoguipo KAL Hotel, Jeju, Korea

Date of Publication: Sep 22, 2020


Subgraph listing is a fundamental problem in graph theory and has wide applications in many areas. Modern graphs can usually be large-scale and highly dynamic, which challenges the efficiency of existing subgraph listing algorithms. In this paper, we propose an efficient join-based approach, called Distributed and Dynamic Subgraph Listing(DDSL), which can incrementally update the results instead of running from scratch. Extensive experiments are conducted on real-world datasets. The results show that DDSL outperforms existing methods in dealing with both static and dynamic graphs in terms of the responding time.

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