Catching Numeric Inconsistencies in Graphs

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Authors: Wenfei Fan, Xueli Liu, Ping Lu, Chao Tian

Published in: ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS 2020)

Date of Publication: June 1, 2020


Numeric inconsistencies are common in real-life knowledge bases and social networks. To catch such errors, we extend graph functional dependencies with linear arithmetic expressions and built-in comparison predicates, referred to as numeric graph dependencies (NGDs). We study fundamental problems for NGDs. We show that their satisfiability, implication, and validation problems are Σp2-complete, Πp2-complete, and coNP-complete, respectively. However, if we allow non-linear arithmetic expressions, even of degree at most 2, the satisfiability and implication problems become undecidable. In other words, NGDs strike a balance between expressivity and complexity. To make practical use of NGDs, we develop an incremental algorithm IncDect to detect errors in a graph G using NGDs in response to updates ΔG to G. We show that the incremental validation problem is coNP-complete. Nonetheless, algorithm IncDect is localizable, i.e., its cost is determined by small neighbors of nodes in ΔG instead of the entire G. Moreover, we parallelize IncDect such that it guarantees to reduce running time with the increase of processors. In addition, to strike a balance between the efficiency and accuracy, we also develop polynomial-time parallel algorithms for detection and incremental detection of top-ranked inconsistencies. Using real-life and synthetic graphs, we experimentally verify the scalability and efficiency of the algorithms.

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